Without our supporters we wouldn’t be able to provide the services we do.

We are supported by a variety of individuals and organisations, large and small.



Our talented associates play an important part in providing the necessary resources for us to run our groups.

We work with the following associates:

Media ~ Jess Holding

I have recently started with Time Out Group. My role is to facilitate percussion workshops alongside the wonderful time out staff. The aim is to use music as a tool to help the participants express their thoughts, feelings and ideas, but do it in a creative fun way. I find workshops like this positively unpredictable but very rewarding, as not one session will be the same. And that’s the beauty of music!

Media ~ Matt George

I’m Matt George an artist and animator from Technically Brilliant Club CIC. I specialise in teaching people how to use technology creatively. At Time Out Group we have been exploring stop frame animation, drawing and model making. We have collectively developed the resources for a short, animated film which will show the benefits and community spirit the Time Out Group team provide for their members.

Media ~ Elena Whiteley

Singing For Fun

I’ve been working for Time Out Group for just over a year and I’ve loved every second of my time as a Workshop Leader! I teach a class every other Thursday called ‘Singing for Fun’, in which we learn lots of songs, work on our teamwork skills and our rhythm skills as well – and we have a great laugh while doing so! Working for Time Out Group has made my teaching skills so much stronger and I’m so proud of the progress both I and the attendees have made so far. We even performed our first concert around Christmas! I look forward to working with Time Out Group for a long while to come!

Marketing Services ~ Jessie Keightley

I work as a graphic designer, and have really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Time Out Group over the last couple of years, helping design some of their printed marketing materials, including flyers and leaflets, pull up banners and new hub signage.


We are committed to partnership working, sharing knowledge and resources to support the people we serve.

We work with the following external project partners:

The Emmerson Group

– Fun Day and Christmas lights switch on events, adopting an
area for gardening


100% of the funding we receive is used to fulfil our charitable objectives. These are our valued funders: