Time Out Group (North West) has been working in the Wilmslow and Macclesfield areas of Cheshire for over 15 years. It has from the beginning been a members’ led organisation and has therefore developed in line with the interests and needs of its membership – adults with learning disabilities.
Each year more adults with learning disabilities contribute to improving lives with the support of Time Out Group. Together we work for greater independence, so that our members have a bigger say in what happens in their lives and increased opportunities.

We’re still a small charity with little long-term funding. We need people to support us, join us, raise money and become a part of progress for our members who give so much to being part of the change we all want to see in the world.

There’s a lot we want to tell you about so please have a look through this website and keep in touch; you can see us on Facebook and Twitter and we are always happy to welcome visitors. We look forward to seeing you.

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  • Our Trustees

    The charity is governed by a group of trustees:

    Iain Smith - Chairman

    I am (largely) retired having occupied senior management positions with companies based in the UK but with significant overseas operations requiring quite extensive overseas travel. I still however provide corporate finance advice to companies in the UK.I live in Wilmslow, am married with two boys both of whom have long flown the nest. As a Trustee drawing on my management experience I offer independent advice to TOG an organisation that provides much needed help and support especially in these strained economic times.

    Megan Duncan- Treasurer

    I am married and live in Macclesfield. I am currently a solicitor and I work at Chafes solicitors. I became involved with Time Out Group when the group first formed. I have been a volunteer at the group ever since. In 2007 I assisted the group to set themselves up as a charity and was a trustee for 2 years. I have assisted the group over the years in arranging fundraising events to raise much needed donations. I took a year out to concentrate on my career however I realised I missed the group and so decided to become as a Trustee once again.

    Rachael Sheldon - Secretary

    Sue Mills - Vice Chair

    Gill Davies

    Mandi Sproston

    I have worked teaching and supporting adults with Learning Disabilities since 1991. I became involved with Time Out Group after attending their second spring ball in April 2008 as a volunteer initially and then in September of the same year I became a trustee.

    I work with individual group members creating Person Centred Profiles enabling them to express how best each person/member wishes to be supported by staff and volunteers.

    In my spare time you can probably catch me at the Manchester Evening News Arena watching a concert – mainly soul artists, eating chocolate, reading autobiographies, travelling, going to the theatre for a “who dun it” or at home listening to good old Cliff Richard CDs. 

    Gill Morgan

    I am a retired dentist, and I am enjoying my not so free time being a mum and a grandma.  Our 4 children have all left home (in theory)!  This gives us a little time to enjoy walking our dog, Georgie, and going to the theatre and cinema.

    Our elder son David is a founder member of TOG, and this has become the pivot of his social life.  He is extremely independent, and I am banned from TOG meetings in case I cramp his style!  Being a trustee, and treasurer, is one way I can help this exciting and excellent group.


    Andrea Steel



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